Monday, July 07, 2008

Thoughts on Cuba

1. You can graph a countries poverty versus its populations niceness based on the number of hats people wear when they return.

2. The Chinese are coming. My hotel was full of Chinese business people. They spoke fluent Spanish. Chinese people are investing in Cuba and are serious about the country. All the hotel staff came out to bid goodbye to a visiting Chinese MP. Cuban security were present, hawkish men with identical cream shirts. I saw no Chinese security. This shows how comfortable/safe the Chinese politician felt in Cuba.

3. Cubans are the only people on earth who clap when their plane takes off. Other people clap when the plane lands safely but they are just glad to get out.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Delta Airlines needs a Splashscreen

Delta have a little linux computer for each seat that shows films and plays games and such. These go tits up often. When they do you get to see the Linux boot process for a few minutes. On my last flight you got to watch it over and over again all flight.
Instead of showing the boot process Delta should show a splashscreen with some sort of image/ad.

It is fairly easy to do this . Of course they should actually stop linux from freezing and such but this is a simple change.

Guinness and Red Bull

The bubonic plague wiped out 1/3 of Europe's population but the depopulated continent meant that peasants had more bargaining power and this hastened the end of the feudal system. So in spite of nearly destroying civilisation and killing millions in crippling pain the black death had some beneficial effects.

I cannot say this about the cocktail of Guinness and red bull.

This is now pretty much the national drink of Jamaica. The barman did not bat an eyelid, or try drive a stake through my pitch black heart, when I ordered it. There are even songs about it

I am not going to even describe what this tastes like. I think if I had gone up and grave robbed an Indian burial ground I would have caused less desecration.