Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cost of the Bailout

The bailout seems to have cost somewhere between 4 and 8 trillion dollars.

In todays money (inflation adjusted) world war two cost the US around 5 trillion. according to here, here, here and here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Whose Flag?

Name the country

1. Oenmvy
2. Nyonavn
3. Terrpr
4. Wnznvpn
5. Ivrganz
6. Phon
7. Ehffvn
8. Svaynaq
9. Ghexrl
10. Flevn

Name that Country

Match the outline of a country to its name.

1. Cbynaq
2. Fhqna
3. Vena
4. Pebngvn
5. Svaynaq
6. Zrkvpb
7. Flevn
8. Zbebppb
9. Fbznyvn
10. Puvyr

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Poodle Quiz

Poodles are Satan's Idea of a good pet. But what happens when a proper animal spawns itself with these furballs of hate. All these animals are the unholy union of a poodle and a proper dog. Match the picture of a poodle hybrid to the others side of the crossbreed.

Label these dogs whose very existence mocks god.

1. Qbkvrcbb (Qnpufuhaq)
2. Vevfu qbbqyr (Vevfu Frggre)
3. Fpuabbqyr (Fpuanhmre)
4. Furrcnqbbqyr (Byq Ratyvfu Furrcqbt)
5. Tbyqraqbbqyr (Tbyqra Ergevrire)
6. Ynoenqbbqyr (Ynoenqbe Ergevrire)
7. Fcevatreqbbqyr (Ratyvfu Fcevatre Fcnavry)
8. QbbqyrznaCvafpure (Qborezna Cvafpure)

Friday, November 07, 2008

Lets all become drug dealers

A RECORD haul of cocaine worth more than €500m was dramatically seized off the south-west coast yesterday in a sweeping international 'sting' operation.

TD warns vaccine cut will result in 80 deaths
calculating the cost of the programme was half the €14m claimed by the Government — €7m

Does anyone else think 1 could solve 2? Why not let the government sell cocaine to people? You don't hear of pharmacists shooting each other.
But we cannot profit from drug dealers? We already do through CAB (criminal assets bureau).
But what about the lives that would be lost? Id rather coked up assholes died at their own hand than condemn women to a preventable death.

We are now short of cash. That is the reason prohibition ended.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


A bunch of my friends were trying to find a route round this graph at the weekend. Yeah it was a crazy party.

A quick search showed the problem was one of finding the Eulerian path. And that the puzzle had no solution

"Eulerian path is a path in a graph which visits each edge exactly once. Similarly, an Eulerian circuit is an Eulerian path which starts and ends on the same vertex"

If there is to be an Eulerian path for a given graph the graph must have lesser than three nodes with odd number of edges."

Code to check for these paths is found here

The code to test this puzzle is
print eulerPath({ 1:[2,2,3,3,4], 2:[1,1,3,4,4], 3:[1,1,2,4,4], 4:[1,2,2,3,3]})
print "test run to make sure code works "
print eulerPath({ 1:[2,2], 2:[1,1]})