Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dying at Work in the US

Dataset from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, OHSA, track workplace fatalities in the US. They have CSVs records of the workplace deaths a year in the US, that they release publicly.

The data contains the date, location and a description for 4000 fatalities over five years. I created columns for state, zipcode, number of people and cause.

The most common interesting words in these descriptions are

  • 813 fell
  • 708 struck
  • 642 truck
  • 452 falling
  • 382 crushed
  • 352 head
  • 263 roof
  • 261 tree
  • 258 electrocuted
  • 244 ladder
  • 238 vehicle
  • 226 trailer
  • 197 machine
  • 186 collapsed
  • 180 forklift

Not common but interesting

  • 10 lightning
  • 48 shot
  • 4 dog
  • 2 bees

and here is a map I made of the states where they happen

I have created a repository to try augment the OSHA data and clean it up when errors are found.

The repository is on github here.

If you use it I'll give you edit rights and you can help improve it

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Handpicked by amazon

Whenever I check some product on Amazon for the next few days I get the product in the advertisements on Facebook


Why would Amazon lie like this?