Monday, October 25, 2010

Which Keanu Film

Bizarrely unaging Keanu Reeves. Stick the answers below in here if you cannot name the film
Ovyy naq Grqf
Gur Qrivyf Nqibpngr
Wbuaal Zarhzbavp
Zl Bja Cevingr Vqnub
Punva Ernpgvba
Gur Zngevk
N Fpnaare Qnexyl
Cbvag Oernx

Name the Schwarzenegger Film

Past below into rot13 to get the answers
Urephyrf va Arj Lbex
Gur Ynfg Npgvba Ureb
Gehr Yvrf
Raq bs Qnlf
Gbgny Erpnyy
Ehaavat Zna

Monday, October 04, 2010

The Travesty of Goats in Trees

This year I have been happy whiling away the months to the steady and lofty beat of the goats in trees calender

Every month brought a new sylvestral capric delight. So hoping for another fun year of arboreal ungulates i looked up the 2011 calendar. However I was shocked when I looked at this years chronology of tree based mammals.

See the fun loving soaring tribes? Now see this years calendar.

July, April and February are repeats. December does not even have any goats in a tree. The trip of goats in the photo are entirely ground based, what a sham.

I would not lightly give out about the folk at the august Brown Trout publishers but this shoddy display of could lead to dangerous Bovidaen Déjà vu.

Which means I am stuck without a calendar for next year. Any recommendations?