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Gluten Levels of 73 Beers

I often hear it asked what the gluten content of various beers are. Particularly in relation to celiacs who want to avoid gluten. This post is just a direct google translate of a Swedish research paper. PDF's can be hard to search as can Swedish documents for English speaking users. I am just putting up this translation to aid people searching for this research on beer gluten levels. The appendix here is from the Swedish National Food Agency (NFA). This is from a regularly cited report "Gluteninnehåll i de öl som analyserats vid Livsmedelsverket". Gluten content in beer. SLV. 2009 which is difficult to find online. This commonly linked to location linked to but it is dead.
Gluten content of the beers analyzed at the NFA
A total of 73 analyzed beer. For 12 of these low gluten content of 50 mg gluten per liter or higher.
A further 11 beer contained between 41 and 50 mg of gluten per liter. The list is sorted alphabetically by
One should be aware that the consumption of beer can lead to increased intake of gluten, even if concentrations gluten in beer
is on a par with those found in foods that are appropriate for gluten intolerance.
Consumption of 0.5-1 liters of beer can in some cases make a significant contribution to the daily intake of gluten,
as for an adult celiac disease should be below 50 mg per day gluten.
The table sometimes describes the gluten level as ep = Not detected, which means less than 10 mg per liter gluten
Manufacturer Alcohol Strength Color Names ppm gluten (Mg / l)
AB Åbro Brewery, Sweden 3.5 light Åbro Original ep
AB Åbro Brewery, Sweden 3.5 Light 18:56 ep
AB Åbro Brewery 5.2 light Andersson Beer 47
AB Åbro Brewery 5.2 light Småland 41
Arthur Guinness Son & Co., Dublin, Ireland 3.5 dark Guinness Draft 48
Arthur Guinness Son & Co., Dublin, Ireland 5 dark Guinness Extra Stout 62
Brau Union Österreich AG 2.8 light Zipfer 23
Carlsberg, Denmark 2.8 light Carlsberg Beer 15
Carlsberg, Denmark 3.5 light Carlsberg Beer 21
Carlsberg, Denmark 3.5 Dark Carnegie Porter 20
Carlsberg, Denmark 4.1 light-Saxon gluten ep
Cerveceria Modelo, Mexico 4.6 Light Corona Extra ep
Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, Mexico 4.5 light Sun ep
Erdinger Weissbräu, Germany 5.3 light Erdinger Weissbier 1188
Erdinger Weissbräu, Germany 5.6 Dark Erdinger Weissbier obscure 1224
Eriksberg 5.6 dark Christmas beer 33
Falcon Breweries, Sweden 2.8 light-Falcon 28
Falcon Breweries, Sweden 3.5 between Falcon Ale 22
Falcon Breweries, Sweden 3.5 light Falcon Extra brew 24
Falcon Breweries, Sweden 3.5 light Falcon Pilz 67
Falcon Breweries, Sweden 5.2 between Bavarian Falcon 55
Falken Falkenberg 3.5 Dark Beer July 49
Grolsche Bierbrowerij, Holland 3.5 light Grolsch Premium Stock 15
Harboes Brewery, Denmark 2.2 Light The Cheerful Dane 25
Harboes Brewery, Denmark 2.8 light Dansk Pilsner premium beer 42
Harboes Brewery, Denmark 3.5 light Dansk Pilsner premium beer 34
Harboes Brewery AB Denmark 3.5 lighting Christmas beer 31
Harboes Brewery AB Denmark 7.3 light Bjørne brewer 49
Hartwall PLC, Tornio, Finland 3.5 light Lapin Kulta ep
Hartwall PLC, Tornio, Finland 5.2 light Lapin Kulta Premium stock ep
Heinecken Brouwerijen Holland Heineken Light 3.5 45
Hofbräu, Germany 6.3 light Hofbräu October-fest bier 26
Inbev UK Limited 3.5 dark Murphys Irish Strout 43
Jämtland Brewery Ltd 6.5 dark Christmas beer e.p.
Kopparberg Brewery 5.3 light Fagerhult Exports III 93
Kra'sne'Březno 4.8 dark Zlatopramen 47
Kronenbourg Strasbourg, France 5.0 light Kronenbourg 1664 97
Krönleins Brewery AB Halmstad 5.3 dark Christmas beer exports 33
Löwenbräu, Germany 6.1 light Lowenbrau October-fest bier 21
Mariestad Brewery Ltd [Spendrups] 2.8 light Mariestads 40
Mariestad Brewery Ltd [Spendrups] 3.5 light Mariestads e.p.
Mariestad Brewery Ltd 3.5 between Julebrygd 60
Pivovar Nova Paka, Czech republic 2.8 light BrouCzech ep
Pivovary Staropramen 3.5 light Staropramen 21
Pripps Sweden 2.2 light Pripps Light beer 17
Pripps Sweden 3.5 Pripps Blue Light Special Stock 32
Pripps Sweden 3.5 light Pripps Blue Pure 28
Pripps (Carlsberg) 5.0 dark Christmas beer 33
Pripps (Carlsberg) 5.2 light Pripps Blue 66
Shepherd Neame Whitstable Kent 3.5 between Bishops Finger ep
Singha Corp. Thailand 5 Light Singha Premium stock beer 17
Source Castle Brewery 3.5 Uppsala dark Christmas beer 23
Source Castle Brewery Ltd 3.5 Light White Weissbier 67
Source Castle Brewery Ltd 3.5 from Vienna ep
Source Castle Brewery Ltd 9.0 dark Imperial Stout 50
Spendrups Brewery Ltd 2.0 dark Gammeldags Moderate Drinking ep
Spendrups Brewery Ltd 2.1 light Spendrups Premium Stock 31
Spendrups Brewery Ltd 2.8 light Norrland Gold 21
Spendrups Brewery Ltd 3.5 light Norrland Gold 35
Spendrups Brewery Ltd 3.5 light Spendrups Premium Gold ep
Spendrups Brewery Ltd 3.5 light Spendrup Bright Brew 28
Spendrups Brewery Ltd 3.5 light Odin Pilsner 46
Spendrups Brewery Ltd 5.0 light Spendrups Premium Stock 53
Spendrups Brewery Ltd 5.2 dark Christmas beer 24
Spendrups Brewery Ltd 5.3 light Mariestads Exports 45
Spendrups Brewery Ltd 5.3 light Norrland Gold 38
Spendrups Brewery Ltd 5.3 dark Norrland July ep
Spendrups Brewery Ltd 5.9 light Spendrups Premium Gold 35
Spendrups Brewery Ltd 7.0 dark julbock 34
Starobrno Brewery Czech 3.5 light Starobrno Premium Stock 21
St Peters Brewery *, UK 4.2 Light St. Petersburg G-free (gluten-free) ep
Tuborg Copenhagen, Denmark 3.5 light Tuborg Beer Premium Gold 28
Zeunerts AB, Sollefteå 5.1 dark Christmas beer 37
* According to the ingredients list on the brew sorghum.
e.p. = Not detected, which means less than 10 mg per liter gluten
My favorite beer blog is by the beer nut and this links to his gluten free section.


Unknown said...

this is a great list of you may want to check for more info about gluten in beers

Anonymous said...

what exactly does ep stand for? read this and its killing me

Iamreddave said...

ep means
'e.p. = ej påvisat, vilket innebär under 10 mg gluten per liter'

under detectable levels

Anonymous said...

So - with the new gluten-free standard for the US being <20ppm, a beer would have to have <2mg per liter to be considered gluten-free?

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

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There are so many different sites and blogs which discuss gluten in beer and I would like to correlate all these information around the level of gluten in beer.

You are also invited to test your gluten free beer whether it really is gluten free.

I started testing with Corona and can actually confirm the NFA result. Please visit and contribute if you can. Cheers

Gluten in Beer said...

Hello fell beer lovers,
We too are in the process of testing the gluten levels in beer now using EZ Gluten test strips. We have 4 beers posted now, including Corona Extra. We have 6 more beers already tested and will be posting soon. We are getting surprising results for beers like Stone IPA, Negra Modelo, and as you can see on the site, Heineken. Feel free to check it out and let us know what you want us to text next. Thanks.

Ciaran Maguire said...

Very Interesting information you have posted here. Thanks.