Monday, December 11, 2006

The scale of music is wrong. Everything is notched up to 11 and it ends up sounding like porridge hitting at a wall. You photograph a mushroom and it is interesting because the scale is within our perception yet somehow otherworldly.
This is where music has to go, the small scaling to the big.


I have been listening to Steven Reich because it scales. It is the the micro made macro it is wheels within wheels. That and you do not read about his time in the Priory in the NME.

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Peter` said...

hey dave,

have i ever ranted on to you about my dream invention?
the one involving the use of an infinite scale and highly advanced computer technology?
with the sensors on your body, monitoring movements, etc.
giving a feedback loop to the music and based on some hyper-faluted analysis processing the music thusly?
this may be connected with some non-invasive visor which could slowly distort and alter the percipent's visual field in tandem with their reaction to the music, in an ever morphing twisting series of feedback loops.
i think it could work.
and might drive a lot of people crazy.
it might make whoever reads this and makes it rich.
ta ta