Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why do banks never prove their identity to you?

I Just had the following phone conversation. My bank phoned me up and then asked me to confirm I was me

Bank: We will just need your address there
Me: Sorry I cannot give you that unless you confirm you are my bank
Bank: Well if you give us your address we will confirm it here
Me: Well if you give me my address I will believe you are my bank
Bank: Did you get the letter we sent you last week saying we would be calling?
Me: No I didn’t but that letter would not prove you are the bank calling now anyway
Bank: Ok then it must be in the post we will ring you back later when it arrives

Unless the bank proves to you who they are, or that the ATM you are using belongs to them, how are you supposed to have trust?

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Luke said...

The main reason banks don't to prove their identity to you, or me, is because we are fucking peons unworthy of anything but the most basic processing.

The banks suspicion that this was the case began when they got away with charging us "withdrawal fees" for taking out our own money, which we gave to them, which they make money from in the meantime. It was confirmed when they successfully increased this fee yearly and an irate population did not burn them all to the ground for charging ten dollars for two minutes of service, for fucks sake.