Friday, January 16, 2009

Cheer up things could be worse

Chicken Licken has nothing on the news these days. Everyone is talking about "perfect storms of bad economic data" and "the worst possible recession imaginable", stuff like that. This recession is bad(pdf), much worse then most people currently believe. It is at the point where those hoarding gold are overly optimistic, they should be hoarding rice.

However you have to be really lacking in imagination to think that a complete collapse of the banking system hyperinflation of fiat currency and abandonment of all social services provisions are the worst economic event you can imagine.

Here are a collection of things that are much worse.

These sorts of inevitable disasters come round anywhere from every 100 years to 50,000 years or so
1. A Flu pandemic which killed 5% of world population.
2. Canary island volcano falling into the Atlantic.
3. Yellowstone volcano exploding
4. Rapid onset new ice age

Not inevitable but fairly likely
1. Thermonuclear war.
2. Intelligent robots that try kill us all (surely this is overdue at this point)
3. Bioterrorism of some mix of aids, smallpox, anthrax and athletes foot.

So cheer up on a geological scale this is minor. Yellowstone could explode then you’d really have problems.


Gonecaving said...

Absolutely agree. Have we even reached the depths seen in the 1929 depression yet?

Thom said...

I'm still scared Dave. I mean, the government are actually considering cutting public sector pay. It's unheard of. I work for the HSE. I'm supposed to be untouchable.

Adeptus said...

I've been fascinated by the Canary Islands potential for disaster (and not just because of dodgy holidays there). I often wondered could they not just hold it together with a few 2x4s.