Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blind Rubik's Cube 2

I decided after getting slagged for my incredibly girly last cube to do something a bit less pink. So I went to the craft shop. Where I did not look in anyway out of place amongst all the girls buying glitter and sparkles.

The materials I had to choose from were clockwise from top left
Tire Rubber, paper, foam, felt,velcro hooks, velcro, canvas, ribbon and mesh. I also got black sandpaper later.

I removed the stickers. I then washed off the residual stickiness with glue. I sandpapered 5 of the faces. After some thought I went for foam, velcro hooks, canvas, sandpaper, mesh and clear.


radiogael said...

You could maybe call it a Felix Cube.

Dublin beekeeper said...

I had to get that explained to me. I hope you didnt trademark it as im going to steal it...

Luke said...

That's totally awesome - and if you're aiming for anti-girliness, making something for the blind based entirely on sandpapering their fingers is bang on.

Also bang on for: being a bastard, being a total bastard, and the "Makes Crippled Kids Cry" award.

To dally with seriousness though: great project!