Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Survey the people of Philadelphia

In order to tell if a zip code in Philadelphia is getting more dangerous maybe we should ask people who live there.

So I created a survey here to ask them here. If you are or know someone living in Philadelphia if you could fill that out it would be great.

The idea is to find areas people think are changing in safety and see this turns out to help predict homicides. If it does this could be used to focus police resource in future to help reduce homicides.

I will release any data that is input as I am not the best person to do analysis on them. People going to the effort to submit a survey deserve to get the most out they possible. I will anonymise any data that does contain personal info before releasing it. There shouldn't be any info like this but I will check through the data in case.

I think ideally such a survey would let user place pins in a map in areas they think are improving/disimproving. Any thoughts on the survey? Or the idea of asking people for their local predictions in general?

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