Sunday, November 02, 2014

Water Protest Maps

Liam Hogan and Joan Byrne made a great google map here of the water protests in Ireland on November 1st. They kindly let me use their data to create some graphs.

The code and data is here. I will update is as data improves. And maybe to improve the labels on the graphs.

First the number of protestors per county

Number of protestors as a percentage of population of each county

An interesting way of looking at this would be in terms of blocks of 27,640 people. this is the average number of people per TD in Ireland

Dublin has the most variation on the number of protestors. The number in the main O'Connell Street protest was the largest and the one with the most variation in estimated numbers. Other than this most people seem to agree with the numbers Liam and Joan have on their map.

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