Sunday, January 17, 2016

In 2100 there will be a kilometer tall building

I was in the Burj Khalifa last week. It is very big. But when will some bigger building be built? I want to look at the building height trend to see what the trend line says. Talking the wikipedia page on the Tallest Building. There are two eras shown. The religious era (1200-1901) and the Skyscraper era. I put the data in a csv here.

The Correlation here is cor(Year,Height) [1] 0.39831 which isn't much. Basically Cathedral's burned down and were replaced by a similar sized world's tallest building from 1200 until 1900.

Looking just at the Skyscraper era 1884 on. cor(Year,Height) [1] 0.9340458 which really looks like height increases by follow time. Running this as a linear regression the Kilometer tall bulding is not expected until the end of the century

linearModelVar <- lm(Height ~ Year, newdata)


646.6246 The Burj Khalifa was much taller than any building was expected to be in 2010


1002.799 finally a kilometer tall building in 2099


1604.903 a Mile high tower 2241 far into the future?

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