Thursday, September 28, 2017

Random Walks with Number Digits

Say you took each digit of a number and used that to decide which direction to take a step. What path would you follow?

Similar to last post I took Pi, e, Sqrt(2) and random numbers. I multiplied each digit by 36. There are 10 digits to go into the 360 degrees you can go. For 0 step right. For 1 36 degrees down from 0. For 2 72 degrees etc.

Here are the pictures with a description of which number made each at the end. If any look different that might be an indication the digits are not that random.


After drawing this I realised it looked like Dragon Curves. Googling Pi pictures and Golden curves revealed this book. so someone had the idea before.

My code for all these pictures is here. The picture is on reddit and people seemed to like it.

And now other numbers

E first 700k

e next million


Using a random number generator, just for comparison

Catalan Constant

These look like pictures of brownian motion which in effect they are.

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