Monday, January 29, 2007

Road Safety Adverts

Did you ever think you really do not get the point of something? I happens me all the time with films. I think "Forrest Gump" is the most biting satire I have ever seen and that "Leaving Las Vegas" was a comedy.
One thing that I always seem to take up wrong are those safety adverts on television. Most of my childhood was spent in terror of losing a frisbee in an electricity substation. This appeared to be the main cause of death amongst the jumper wearing freckle faced youths of our third world childhoods.
The latest batch of car safety adverts have all sorts of subtle messages subliminally inserted into them. The one of the guy who gets pissed after football and mows down the weird loner footballing on his own child. This is telling us not to drink drive during the day when children are likely to be around.
The main message in these ads is some sort of Taliban "women are evil temptresses, who should be locked away" screed. One is of a guy who is so girl crazy by his hormones he texts away onto a road and gets hit by a car. The message of stay away from the wanton bints is clear. One has a woman collecting her kid from school when a boy racer eying a saucy wench plows into the two of them. In the updated version the woman will be wearing a Niqab and no accident occurs. A "women showing your flesh drives men crazy causing them to kill people" message will then flash up.
While on the subject I think i should confess that I once made a mix tape of songs used in road safety commercials to subliminally try to get a friend of mine to slow down enough not to kill me.

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