Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Atheist Business

Pay for Prayer

This great website allows you to pay so that when you get sick you will be prayed for. Think of it like medical insurance but you do not get anything for your money.

I have a business idea. We get religious people to pay us to hang around with people they hate. Then when god sends floods, locusts and generally starts turning people into salt they will be beside us and so swept away in the godly wrath.

So we get Christians to pay atheists to drag their enemies into gods friendly fire accidents. If you are gay or a woman or any other group god hates you can probably get paid more as he must be more likely to spite you.

There is a guy who offers to deliver mail to any off your cursed friends after the rapture. Rather then complain about Christians being morons and how the church is just a giant confidence scam why not get involved in the fraud?

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