Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How to pick good lottery numbers

There are three decisions that are used in deciding the numbers used in my lottery site

1. What numbers are rarely chosen
-An analysis of past winning results as described in this paper
-A simpler method is described in "maximum entropy parallel computation and lotteries"

2. What types of patterns are rarely chosen
A number of patterns are known to be avoided
-Picking numbers with the same distance between them. For example picking numbers that are always separated by 6 numbers
-Trying To Be Random in Selecting Numbers for Lotto
-The statistics of smallest space in lottery tickets

4. What specific patterns are rarely chosen
-Hot hand and gamblers fallacy
-Does the behaviour of lottery players consist Gamblers Fallacy? Evidence from Taiwan Market. I cannot find a link for this paper currently
-There are some numbers that are known to be chosen commonly. Previously winning numbers, certain patterns with low Kolmogorov complexity.

By combining knowledge from the research listed I have produced a lottery betting program that improves your average return

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