Monday, December 17, 2007

Peak Oil

The world is living through a period of declining oil supplies. All attempts by politicians, capitalists and Nazis to deny this are black lies designed to dupe the sheep population.
The graph below illustrates the catastrophic reduction in oil production that has been experienced.

Without whale oil we would have nothing to power our whale oil lamps. The sudden rise in darkness levels will cause people to commit crime and lead to a rise in illegitimate children. Also without baleen, which is used for stiffening clothing, gentlemen will appear dishevelled and unattractive and so no gentleman shall be able to attract ladies of good virtue.

The only measure available to us is to ban the use of whale oil lamps by individuals and to make everyone live in giant communes in tree top settlements. If we do not ban individuals from using whale oil we will end up with drastic price rises in whale oil which will end civilisation and reduce us all to using lights made from bugs kept in jars. Whale oil has already reached (in 1855) reached $1500 a barrel, what more evidence is needed that it is time to abandon capitalism and democracy then this?

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