Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bizzarre fruit

I bought a dragonfruit the other week. The next day I bought another weird fruit and the next...Nature, capitalism and immigration have brought in loads of these weird fruits into Ireland. Things you could not have bought 5 years ago. The same has happened with beer and loads of other foods. There is something very simple about fruits though, you just cut them open and eat no preparation is needed. You also realise that this is just how nature produced it with almost all other products are massively processed. So I have started a weird fruit odyessey, it is a small quest but it is fun.

Here is what I have tried so far
Sapodilla is like a sweet dry pear
Cherimoya is like a creamy melon
Sharon fruit- really nice
Dragon fruit
passion fruit
figs- Fig rolls really do a lot with their core ingredient
Giant Chinese pear
Chow chow -I have no idea what this is but it tassted like it needed to be cooked
sour mango
prickly pear- First cactus I have eaten
Guava-Melon like not that guava tasting

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