Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ask the waiter

If you want to know what someone is like ask their waiter. Because as a waiter you are far down the social rung anyone who is just a poseur treats you like dirt. Keith Floyd who died yesterday used to come into an Indian restaurant I worked in. He was much quieter then his media image and a complete gent. As was Liam Neeson BTW. I am not claiming to have known him just that he always treated the waiters well, which I believe is a good sign about someone.

Belinda Carlisle owes me a set of cutlery, she may think I have forgotten but I haven't. She promised she would bring them back and didn't. Try saying "if you cannot trust the singer of the Go-Go's, who can you trust?" to a middle aged Bangladeshi and see if your wages don't get docked.

Apart from an unfortunately forgetful singer I have a long list of who is a complete wanker. I'll post that again.


BarryM (Adeptus) said...

I look forward to the list of wankers :D

vik said...

“You can’t get the gauge of a man by how he treats his peers, it’s how he treats his inferiors that shows his true character." -Dumbledore

Ok, so that's from harry potter, but i'm sure there's a real quote like that somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Oh don't be horrible about Belinda Carlisle - You are talking about the girl I love !!

Seriously, I can forgive a woman ANYTHING [possibly with the exception of murder, and then only if it was unprovoked] if she has red hair...