Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fair division in googledocs using Ruby

I figured out how to access google docs spreadsheets using Ruby's roo library.

So for the spreadsheet
#you can create a object for this document by"0AoBJp9mMcWUrdDZUY1diRm5KOTd4ZWtKWUpib2V3ZHc"

where user and password are the username and its password for the account that has the document. 0AoBJp9mMcWUrdDZUY1diRm5KOTd4ZWtKWUpib2V3ZHc is the key
no http, no, no key= and no &hl=en at the end. Good thing I am not an idiot who would take hours to figure this last one out...

Then this data is sent off to the GLPK program described ad nauseum previously.
Then using ruby's standard regular expression methods the solution file fair.sol can be easily parsed. This can be easily written to the googles doc using roo.

o2.default_sheet ='Sheet3'
#match fair.sol output file of glpk.
if line=~/^\s+\d+ y\[(\d+).(\d+)\]\s+\*\s+(\d+)/
# 2 x[1,1] * 0 0 1
if $3=='1'
o2.set_value(row, col, $1)
o2.set_value(row, col+1, $2)
o2.set_value(row, col+2, $3)

Next thing is to get a web interface for people to add their own fair division problems. There are some guides for doing that here and here. So automated processing is the next task.

By the way if you do have a fair division problem you can mail it to stuffsplitter[at] and I will run the processing for you.

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