Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Video Game Causes Shooting

Part of the yearly hype cycle is the computer games cause murder story[1]. Similar to the satanic messages in music that started off backwards and then were subliminal. This reminds me of the Bill Hicks piece about how Satan must go to radio shack each week to keep up on technology.

Say computer games did cause mass shootings why do we only hear one side of the equation? Surely if shootemup games do lead to copy cat violence then good games should lead to copy cat kindness.

You never hear the animal cruelty charities saying about how nintendogs has reduced maltreatment of puppies. Links between random acts of pet kindness and computer games probably do not make good reading. When a soldier dies in Iraq you never hear of searches of his bedroom revealing a copy of “medal of honor” may have lead to his patriotism and bravery.


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