Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Provisional Licences

Anyone paying attention to the Irish media will be aware that provisional drivers are the sole cause of all the worlds problems. While I support current demands for L drivers to have to announce there presence with a bell and for them to be forced to wear a sack cloth I do not think they go far enough. Accepting the premise that people who are unproven ability or even who have proven defective should undergo some sort of constraint or punishment many more areas for societal improvement open up.

It is not only proper but also beneficial if you hang up on anyone who cannot correctly use a phone. People who answer with a “oh your there” or some such are idiots there is nothing you can learn from such a person. Continuing to talk to them is like taking a dog to the opera.

Why must we endure endless lines behind people who cannot use an ATM machine? A tester would not even be needed in this situation. ATM’s could time transactions and people who spend too much time having there card restricted so that it cannot be used at certain times when these witless oafs can delay useful citizens.

Similar systems on toll bridges and shopping lines could result in more efficient services for useful people. The L plated would suffer greater delays but it is not like this time would be fruitfully spent by the feckless rogues.

Now L plates would seem an unwieldy mark to carry. Instead some sort of patch worn on the clothes could indicate what shared resources a person is entitled to use. Maybe separate segregated facilities could be made available.

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