Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sponsor an ex murderer?

“Publicans will call today for buses for customers who cannot drive because of the Garda’s strict breath-testing campaign.”
say the vintners association

So you have just admitted to being complicit in the deaths of 100
people a year and you want to get sponsorship now this is over?
Can we have a fundraiser for rapists who just have a wank instead?
Ok the vintners did not make anyone drink and they certainly did not make anyone drive, but imagine this scenario. A man buys some bullets off a shopkeeper he goes outside and shoots the gun in random directions, next week he comes in again. The shopkeeper knows he is going to do something illegal and dangerous but he serves him anyway?

Now the IRA have taken a respite in murdering people maybe we should sponsor the loss of the business the Cheq makers of Semtex are experiencing?

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