Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A conversation with a Creationist

In Ireland you never actually meet Creationists. There may be many around but it does not usually come up in conversation. So I was a bit weirded out by this conversation I had in the pub on Sunday. It was with a friend who has converted to Islam.

K: Even the fossil record says that evolution does not happen
(me hears this walking past)
Me: Surely the fact that there are fossils that are different to what we have now indicates evolution has happened
K: But there are so many gaps that you cannot prove that one animal became another so there must have been a creation
Me: You can prove it a lot better then you can prove there was a creation
K: Even Steven Hawking is a creationist
Me: From reading what he says he seems a Pantheist but he may believe in a creator, some sort of physicist God who set everything going. That is different to the burning bush type of God
K: Evolution is just a steady state theory so it cannot be there was a creation
Me: No it is not evolution is about things changing, bacteria have evolved resistance to antibiotics, even Intelligent Design people agree with that.
K: See intelligent design, people realise evolution does not explain things

At this point I wandered off and got a pint. Thinking back on the conversation it seems obvious that we were talking about two different things, that you cannot reason someone out of a conversation they have not reasoned themselves into and that the pub is probably not the right place for mixing religion and science.

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