Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How crap was the past?

It became obvious to me recently how monumentally stupid people in the past were. Someone was telling me that pancake Tuesday originates from an attempt to get rid of all the nice foods like eggs and flour before lent began. How crap is life that eggs and flour are classed as nice foods? People were always being promised “the land of milk and honey” what sort of low expectation having motherfuckers were they? Have they never heard of big screen televisions, and mini eggs? And what happens if you have a bee allergy and a milk intolerance?

Do you know what the stupidest thing in the past is? Passage graves. “5000 years ago they used Stonehenge and Newgrange to tell what time of year it was” Why could they not tell time the way we do, using special edition products? When Cadburys crème eggs go on sale it is the start of lent, shamrock shakes means it is near St. Patricks day etc. How stupid was everyone that they did not realize this?

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