Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hummer Drivers are Wankers

Managed to scratch one off the list of "100 things to do before you die" yesterday. There was a guy driving a Hummer beside me at the traffic light. Got out pointed at him and shouted "wanker". In retrospect he was clearly Russian mafia but it still had to be done.

For all the talk of friendliness it is actually massive black cynacism and begrudgery that defines the Irish. We seemed to have lost the ability to point at obvious wankers and point out their wankertuide to them.

I have heard many arguments as to why Hummers are awful. If you want to shout wanker at them becuase of their lack of social conscience that is fine. However my main reason is that they are clearly driven by wankers.

The great Irish icons, Michael Collins, John F Kennedy and Pope John Paul II all had the balls to get shot in open topped cars. Now we have these wankers driving round in armored personnel carriers? How much risk are they really in? Have they invented modern urban guerrilla warfare, lead a side in a civil war, broke up the mafia, invaded cuba or attempted to topple communism? Until you can prove you have done something to piss off lots of angry people with guns you should grow a pair and not drive round in a tank

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