Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Where’s Wally Jihad Edition

Sent to Afghanistan to infiltrate the Taliban Waldo (aka Wally) is believed to have gone native and joined Al-Qaeda. A series of training manuals have been produced to aid in locating Waldo. Millions of these “Where’s Waldo” children’s books were produced it was believed that such a widely known character was bound to be found. However even with these vast resources he still remained elusive.

To make the training more realistic “Where’s Waldo” books with contextual information were created. “Where’s Waldo covert ops” addition includes Waldo hiding in an unlit cave. This does make the task of finding him more difficult. The book also has a recreation of that gay Osama training video with the ninjas using monkey bars. The video includes pictures of the long rumoured Al Qaeda training camp swing set and roundabout. Saudi Arabia plays the role of the sandpit.

Not convinced by the inability of the millions of children trained in Waldo surveillance to find him a number of similar books are in production.
• The Pantheist version of “Where’s god”, officially classed as the easiest puzzle book since “where’s your asshole? Flashlight edition”.

Actually I am going to stop there the jokes write themselves at this point.
Arrange the following to make your own jokes
Where’s X? Y edition

X = WMD, God, Glaciers, Leprechaun
Y = Tom Cruise, Dawkins, Iraq, Carbon

Have you got anymore?

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