Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Racism 3

Racism is irrational. This irrationality can be dealt with by the capitalist system.
There are loads of councils and NGO’s to encourage diversity in Ireland. I object to these on three grounds.

Firstly diversity is encouraged for its own sake. Diversity for a reason makes sense. Ethnic diversity for example is very useful in reducing the number of inherited diseases children suffer, however we should encourage the reduction of genetic diseases rather then diversity. Diversity is a population phenomenon like pressure or temperature and is only useful in relation to its consequences.

Secondly these groups are inherently racist. Assuming that just because people come from different countries or ethnic backgrounds means they will be different is a definition of racism. I work with people from at least ten countries. Because we are all a very specific type of nerd we are all very similar. I have a lot more in common with these people I work with who are interested in the same areas and think in a fairly similar manner then I do with the vast majority of people from the same socio-economic, ethnic and physical location background. Ayn Rand put it this way "... it is obvious that...a successful, self-made black businessman has more interests in common with white businessmen than with a black mugger". Assuming that diversity means coming from far away and looking different is racist.

Thirdly these organizations tend not to be capitalist enterprises. I say this is important because as Rand points out “capitalism is the only system that functions in a way which rewards rationality and penalizes all forms of irrationality, including racism.” Judging someone based not on their abilities and actions but on superstition makes no rational sense. Any company who hires less competent individuals or who treats people worse based on their gender, ethnic background or phrenology bumps will be at a competitive disadvantage to their competitors. Capitalism inherently punishes this lack of rationality. NGO’s and councils are not subject to these same pressures to behave rationally.

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