Thursday, April 12, 2007

Humanity’s Greatest Challenge

“The earliest known pottery vessels may be those made by the Incipient Jomon people of Japan around 10,500 BC.”

Yes those cunning blighters managed to make pottery over ten thousand years ago. In these ten millennia of improvement we managed to eradicate smallpox, walk on the moon, make enough plutonium that someone who believes god likes to go round knocking up virgins like a sailor on shore leave can kill us all in 20 minutes. You know sometime in those three million days of progress one invention might have been created. Pucker up cause this is a wild, far out crazy idea.

A mouthwash that did not leak everywhere.

No, no calm down, hold on before you burn me as a witch for suggesting such black magic quickly imagine such a world. Somehow possibly involving a Faustian pact with Beelzebub I believe we might within our lifetime live in a world where that weird sticky sweet liquid does not stain of bathroom shelves. If we can conquer sexism, racism, communism, tyranny injustice maybe, just maybe Colgate can make a bottle that does not fucking leak everywhere.
We should assemble the worlds best scientist, forget the Manhattan project that is a chemistry set in comparison, forget the Apollo program, a gentle Sunday afternoon jaunt. Global warming is a ghost of a myth of a pale imitation of a problem in when faced with this. The greatest challenge humanity has ever faced awaits us.

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