Thursday, April 26, 2007

The National Anthem

Why do we not change the national anthem? Singing about being a soldier and wanting to kill Sasanachs is not really what/how I regard myself. What else could we use for an anthem?

1. Thunderstruck: Already is the unofficial redneck national anthem. Everyone has been in a barn of a county nightclub watching the local muldoons banging their feet as the cider courses through their veins to this song. ACDC are not Irish though
2. Where’s my jumper? Picture the football team jumping around to the moshing bit, the opposition would be terrified, we would never lose a game again.

3. Fields of Athenry: No no for the love of god no more, particularly with southside west brits shouting “sinn fein” “ira”. Why stop there? Why not shout Al Qaeda while you are at it?
4. Don’t forget "Don’t forget your shovel". I have managed a reverse Quine.

5. Jimmy Jimmy: OOOOOOGG the Undertones pogo teen Romeo and Juliet using three chords all of them g

6. Speed to my side: Rollerskate Skinny. Anything by my bloody Valentine. Not going to get them singing in the aisles these ones.

7. Fiesta:The Pogues. Most times you hear the anthem you are pissed and the pub is closing. You might as well have a song designed to be sung when plastered. Checkmate to the Pogues.

8. Floating: Jape

9. Only Losers take the bus:Fatima Mansions. I cannot think of another song that better sums up yuppie consumer me me me country we live in.

10. Screamager Therapy? Let us make our country look like that weird kid no one plays with. They are always the most interesting people.

11. Nothing compares to you. Sometimes I cry you know.

I put these songs in a playlist here. Let me know if any should be added.


CiarĂ¡n Canavan said...

I vote for rhythm is a dancer by Snap.

Max Radical said...

I may have to take over/form a country now, simply so I can set Screamager as the national anthem. Then give the entire population over to athletics training, so that the next Olympics has unforgettable scenes.

Colum said...

Some kind of party themed song (if there is such a thing) by Andrew W.K.

Party Hard perhaps...

Bionic Laura said...

Sometimes - My Bloody Valentine

Anything by The Warlords of Pez

The Beer Nut said...

Late Late theme.