Friday, April 13, 2007

How to be Annoying 2

This week I found out I had a sense I never knew about. This is the ability to detect the polarisation of light. This is also a spider sense so crime fighting and injecting digestive enzymes into my still living food awaits me.
Anyway once I show people this amazing new sense they will believe all sorts of other "new" senses I tell them about.
I am going to spend the week going
"I smurl a bee in your room"
"Have you flurned when that bulb will break? Should we just change it now?"
"This cold is terrible I cannot qee a thing. I hope I do not get stuck
in a locked room"

Then when they ask what smurling, flurning and qeeing are I will just look at them like they wouldn't understand and shake my head slowly.


Bionic Laura said...

It turns out we were not mad and that you can see polarization. Everyone thinks you are mad though when you are lying on the ground twisting your sunglasses around and trying to see brushes in the sky. It works though and I can the brush and it's a pretty blue colour.
And yes you feel like you have superpowers.

Nobby said...