Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Irish Summer Tourism

I have been warning about the lack of investment in Irish tourism for years. All the investments in golf courses have left our industry wide open to the vagaries of the weather.
This summer is the rainiest in years damaging the sales of sun related products.
People are holidaying abroad. As Ireland has nothing to do in the rain. This need not have happened. In 1985 the rainy summer lead to an epidemic of moving statues.

If we had nurtured these young upcoming moving statues we could now be a Mecca for religious pilgrimages. Instead the Mexicans with their Jesus’ face in the toast and the fence with the Virgin Mary have cornered the market in workaday miracles.

So when the tourist industry complains about the lack of income tell them that had they invested in these statues and not let their gesticulation talents go unappreciated Ireland could have been the world capital of motile marble.

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