Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Should Rushdie be Knighted?

I have heard numerous arguments over whether Salman Rushdie should receive a knighthood. The arguments that say no seem based about three issues
1. Knighthoods are bad because the Queen gives them
2. His books are awful
3. We should lube up and bend over and take it from some Islamic nutjobs who are throwing a hissy fit because someone has insulted their imaginary friend.

I think it is important to recommend Rushdie for a knighthood for services to a particular set of individuals. The much maligned ugly bloke.

What hope it gives us that such a spectacularly ugly bloke has managed to marry a woman so insanely out of his league.

Chalk one up to the ugly blokes on this one. There has not been such an unlikely couple since Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts my only guess is this is another answer to my previous question of "are there other celebrities with giant extremities?"

For services in giving hope to ugly men alone he deserves a knighthood.

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