Sunday, July 22, 2007

The need for the toll

Why can't women understand some vital aspects of the male Psyche? For instance why we must have the toll fare ready.
There are grave consequences to arriving at the toll bridge without the correct change at hand. The toll roads authority have a big list of two types of people who will be rounded up when the revolution comes.

People who do not have the correct change ready. Sensors on the machines make sure the coins are at body temperature from being held in clammy hand sweating in anticipation of the pressure of completing the toll gauntlet correctly.

People who put in too much money. A rounded up coin are obviously too swish and should be rounded up at first available opportunity

Extra point are clearly given to anyone who sellotapes the coins together showing the forward planning that made this country great.

I hope to illustrate many of the apparently mysterious methods of the Irish male. Why do we park a mile away from a GAA ground "so we can get away quick", why do we leave one biscuit in the packet. why do we need to have a severed head before going to the doctor, why do sandwiches taste better when eaten from a boot and even for the posher folk why does Heino taste better from a CBG glass? All these questions will be answered

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Luke said...

I look forward to more of this, which will be witty and generic and have absolutely no risk of degenerating into a "what me and the one fought about this week" blog.