Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1 million IQ points

How about aiming to make people smarter in a measurable way?

There are things that make your life better or at least easier. These include being good looking, being born in a country that is not overly corrupt. Another thing that helps is being smart. It is easy to get carried away here but essentially when people are smarter their lives tend to be easier.

Charities tend not to make their aims measurable. They tend to say “help the poor” rather then reduce “teach x number of people to read”. This makes it harder to tell what a charity has achieved. Because of this I think there is an advantage to having a declared measurable ambition.

The persons age or their smartness does not matter the aim is simply to make them smarter in a measurable way that helps improve their life. IQ is not a great measure of intelligence. But it is the best measure we have. For all its faults IQ does seem to be correlated to earnings and quality of life.
There are a few ways you can increase IQ. The easiest for me to do is to make the environment more stimulating. This has already (probably) increased the average IQ by 18 points in the last fifty years.

Is increasing peoples IQ a worthwhile aim?

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