Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bog Body Business

Everyone wants to sponsor carbon sinks, but why just sponsor the sexy rainforest ones and ignore the bog ones?
There are hippy schemes where you can donate money to help preserve bogs.

How about a capitalist way that you can ensure a piece of bog is preserved? I want to do this by setting up a business that relies upon the continued existence of the bog you purchase. I am of the belief that just because you are dead does not mean you are no longer useful.

So I want to set up a graveyard for bog bodies. Your burial provides for buying a bit of bog that is kept as bog from then on. This preserves a carbon sink as well as your corpse. You get to decide how you are buried, so you can be happy that you get to mess with the minds of archaeologists in the future. I think I would get buried in a wedding dress surrounded by statues of Jimmy Saville.

Being a bog body the choice of gingers for thousands of years.


Ealaprincess said...

Just to let you know, most of the bog bodies found have red hair, however this is not due to them having red hair while they lived but because of the conditions in the bogs that turns hair that colour, so they were most likely brown/blondey, though some may have had red hair. Just thought I'd say...

Eddie said...

Is that a picture of you in the latex outfit that I leant to you?