Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Coffee Inflation

There is no medium and large coffee anymore there is Tall and Grande. The words used to describe coffee sizes seem to be undergoing some bizarre exponential growth. At the current rate only astronomical terms will be able to be used for coffee sizes. I predict your order of coffee will change each year


Actually while I am giving out bullshit theories everyone needs a good end of the world theory.
I predict the world will end when India plays China in the world cup soccer final. Observing any event affects its outcome. And the more accurately observed an event the more you are likely to affect the outcome. The most watched thing to date was the moon landings but that was only a few billion people with bad fuzzy black and white TV. Now imagine how much observing will be done by 10 billion people using High Def big screen TV’s.
Now a shot goes in and everyone in the world concentrates on the position and the velocity of the ball. Some will concentrate on one the rest on the other. At this moment so many billion observations will be made that both the position and the velocity of the ball will be precisely observed. This is an impossibility and the universe will disappear.


Dunc said...

Thanks for the link to the cartoon. That's the second most irritating thing about a certain large coffee chain, after it's warped idea of what I want when I ask for a macchiato.

Luke said...

That end of the world theory is absolutely fantastic - I've read entire published SF books without a single idea as cool as that. Keep it up!