Saturday, April 12, 2008

Alba saves the world 2

There were some charming responses to the my previous Jessica Alba post. What this analysis of the private provision of public goods did not include was what if Jessica Alba tries to create the public goods herself.

"Here's how we catch Osama bin Laden: We give him two backstage passes to Zeppelin, and he'll show up. We got him. It's like a world-changing event. That would get him to come out of the woods. "Osama, we have front-row backstage passes for Zeppelin at the [Madison Square] Garden!" He'd be like, "Fuck! Happy days are here again. I gotta go!""

In a similar way what could Jessica Alba demand in response for becoming bereft of her clothing? Consider some possible options.

1. Jessica Alba, A childrens paddling pool, 200 litres of custard and the scientist who cures cancer. Result: Cancer gets beaten like a ginger stepchild, possibly by a chick.

2. Jessica Alba will release naked pictures if the Arabs and Isrealis do not fight anymore. Result: A group of fundamentalist Buddists nuke all the middle east.

3. Stick your idea in the comments

I am not saying she could unite humanity in one joyful family but if any minge could it is hers.

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