Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Women will be size zero in 2130

Proof seems to come in the form of shapely silver screen siren Marilyn Monroe, who everyone remembers wore a Size 12 during her 1950s heydays.

"That would be equivalent to a Size 6 today," attests Meryle Epstein, 42, acting academic director for fashion marketing at the Art Institute of Phoenix.”

So in about 6 decades there has been a six size change. That is one size deflation a decade. So now the average woman is a size 12 which means that in 120 years the average woman will be a size 0.

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Luke said...

The problem is, it's not the subject that's changing here but the ruler. Sizes have been inflating for various nacho and sales-related reasons for years.

Women won't buy something if it makes them feel fat, ergo the "nice sizes" have been getting larger and larger, so that larger and larger women can buy them.

e.g. a girl who's size ten in some Japanese stores will be size zero in some American stores.