Friday, April 11, 2008

Less fat a week in

A week off chocolate and beer and I have lost a kilo. I have figured that losing weight is not that a useful measure so I have decided to move over to using bodyfat percentage.

I currently measure 21.9% which is slightly less then a seal at 50%. 14% is a reasonable level but that is probably getting ahead of myself.

Anyway I have started doing pressups, situps and chinups in the morning to try get a bit fit. Nothing crazy like but I will gradually increase it as I go along.

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SamW said...

Totally off topic: but ...
I found your blog by accident; I was reading about Bayesian theory on Wikipedia and somehow ended up here. This is the funniest blog I have read. Your sense of humor is mine and your span of knowledge and intelligence is greater than mine -- making it a particular delight to read.
Secondly: have you noticed that if the blog is running on WordPress it is more than likely pretentious?