Friday, May 25, 2007

Fight Like Apes

Whelans 24/05/2007
After having “Lend me your face” stuck in my head for the last week I decided to go see this band in case they were half as good as that tune.
The band consists of
Some beardy man who dances round like a monkey with a miniature symbol.
A scatological singer with the temperament of a spoiled three year old.
The worlds tallest bass player, but he is under investigation for use of performance enhancing afro.
An oddly normal drummer who might be on an exchange program from Kraftwork.

The songs sound like demented nursery ryhmes all bounce and menace. Which is a very good thing as hearing another sensitive singer songwriter just might send me postal. Top notch live band this, they jump around the stage, playing the piano with their heads eating the microphones and they have fans who do a dance that is like hares fighting. Do you know how many bands get their own dance? These things are rationed carefully.

So go see this band and if you live far away buy the ep tie people to chairs and make them listen to it. You can tickle them a bit to but not so much they wee themselves.

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