Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Great Islamists of Irish History

Again the sickening Islamofascist brigade has infiltrated Irish schools. A book promoting the ideology of Islamic rules of modesty is on the Irish leaving cert course.

A cunningly disguised Al Qaeda infiltrator called Peig Sayers formed a sleeper cell off the coast of Kerry and endured a life of peasantry, contagious abortion, “what’s wrong with the potatoes?”, an beal bocht and general malnourished red neckitude to persuade Irish women to engage in the wearing of traditional Muslim headscarves. Peig was never observed in public without the "traditional Muslim headscarve", the only explanation for this can be that she was a secret Muslim spy.

And now people want to wear these scarves around? Next people will want to be allowed wear immodest clothing. Worse they will try to decide what color patch we are allowed to make them wear.

A picture of Peig, probably planning a Jihad. Have you noticed that you never see her and Osama Bin Laden in the same place? Coincidence or something more sinister?

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