Monday, May 14, 2007

Meeting Gordon Brown

I was working in a shoe shop in Cape Cod when Kennedy overdosed on ocean. A few days later I see Gordon Brown wandering round the shop with some of his family. I point him out to the manager saying “He is going to be the next prime minister of Britain” I said this as they do not have a chancellor of the exchequer in the States that I know of and he goes over for a chat, no one else recognised him. Anyway later on Gordon brown starts queuing up with some shopping. He must have noticed that some of the people ahead of him were ripping out a coupon from one of those tourist leaflets that are left lying around. So he asks me If I have any of those coupon booklets. I grab one from behind the counter and give it to him. He really carefully tears out the coupon and hands it to me for his 10 dollar discount. Now someone who has to be earning 200K dollars a year delicately tearing out a ten dollar coupon is quite an odd thing to do. It is how you want the guy who controls your tax money to act though I suppose.

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