Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Grave Robbery

I am pretty sure it is wrong to have a ghoulish fascination with grave robbery but here goes. If you know any other famous corpses that have been dug up can you tell me?
Abraham Lincoln: Failed attempt to abduct honest Abe.

Benny Hill: Apparently they were trying to steal the gold and jewels he was buried with. Do you think they made that “de de de ditta de de de ditta” noise as they dug? Can you picture the police chasing them around the graveyard?

Gram Parsons

Oliver Cromwell: posthumously executed. These royalists really want to make sure a job is done don’t they?

Alistair Cooke had his bones stolen. This was nasty for him but worse for the people who got them put into themselves.

Most saints: the Catholic Church get all voodoo when it comes to bones of holy people.

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