Friday, June 08, 2007

Stand back I have got a word

Words are weapons ones so heinous we should keep them locked away. The military should make sonic grenades to stun people. These when thrown into a room containing a minority will say words so vile that they will be completely incapacitated.

Throw it at Irish people and when it says “Mick, Paddy” they will fall to the floor unable to move. Of course this only works if it is said with an English accent saying it in an Irish accent is completely inoffensive. This does lead to certain problems the “Ginger” grenade probably will not work as it is hard to tell someones hair colour from their voice.

It does not matter whether the word is used as a slur to humiliate someone it only matter who says it.

"There are no dirty words, only dirty minds." - Lenny Bruce

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