Friday, February 15, 2008

The end of the world news

There are now hooker shoes with GPS in them.

What does it say about a society that you can have atomic clocks in space that have the ability to detect vibrating atoms with massive precision. That then launches these clocks into orbit in a way that in minutely synchronized. This is then combined with telecommunications technology can locate you to within 5m anywhere on 5.1×108 km² surface area of the Earth. And that this amazing power is used to protect women wandering the streets.

You would think that maybe a society capable of all that shiny space tech could also ease up on the hypocrisy enough to stop women being murdered because they walk the streets?

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happyjuggler0 said...

They aren't murdered because they are street walkers. They are murdered because they have no legal protection.

Make something consensual illegal and people will do it anyway, but the illegality makes them prey because they can't call the cops if they are wronged. Take away the illegality and you take away the bulk of the violence. Prohibition is a great historical example, all the Al Capone style violence ended with the stroke of a pen.