Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How to pick a Jazz name

I just bought a trumpet and now talk only in Jazz speak. So I need a Jazz name of the form First Jazz Surname. I reckon the following is a good deciding mechanism.

1. Any Chronic Medical Condition? Bleeding Gums, Itchy feet, Dicky Ticker, Seasick
2. Any crime convictions? Louitering, shoplifting etc. You may need to make the crime sound better. Shoplifters should be “lightfingers”. Necrophiles should be “splits” things like that

The idea is similar to Douglas Copeland in Jpod where he describes how your stripper name is the cheapest form of sugar you ate yesterday. Any suggestions for other things that could make your jazz name? What is your Jazz name Daddyo?


Dunc said...

Really? What did your neighbours do to deserve that?

David Curran said...

>Really? What did your neighbours do to deserve that?

That is brilliant. Yes it does sound like I am engaged in an unnatural act with a cat currently. That is when i am playing the trumpet, I mean.