Friday, February 22, 2008

Hamster Maths Experiment

I noticed something looking at descriptions of Platonic solids. Have you noticed the obvious omission? Yeah there is nothing in the table about how hamsters react
to each solid. So I decided to run an experiment using Broc the hamster and some models from this book.

The tables seem to completely neglect rodents reactions to these shapes. I was shocked too, what are these so called 'mathematicians' being paid for?

So I decided to stick a yogurt drop in a tetrahedron to measure how long it takes for a hamster to break into each one. This important information would then be added to all tables of platonic solids.

The hamster at first seemed circumspect of the tetrahedron in his house. Presumably he was busy calculating out equations about it.

Soon he was obviously involved in calculations

He then took a quick break to discuss elliptical curve cryptography.

After that Broc was right back to trying to find the yogurt drop. He spent some time digging under the platonic solid.

Eventually Broc gave up on his Platonic solid research and went back to running on hs wheel. After 24 hours the experiment was suspended and no further solids were attempted.

Hamsters appear too stupid to do geometry.

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