Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Irish Hypocrisy

We have all the usual hypocrisies. For example we allow free speech as long as you are not dumb enough to actually try it. However there is a form of hypocrisy that seems to me very Irish. We are willing to stand up for our beliefs as long as we do not have to take any of the consequences of those beliefs

No Nuclear power

We get power from the French and the British grids they do not separate out electrons based on what station produced them

No abortion

We just head over to England. Aer Lingus would probably have gone bankrupt in the 80’s were it not for women travelling to Britain for abortions. The staffs of Aer Lingus get shares for what they have done to make the company successful how come the abortion clinics of Britain do not get some sort of share payment?

We are neutral

Genuinely neutral countries need armies because they have to look after themselves. We have one of the lowest % of GDP spending on armed forces in the world[1]. Switzerland a country of 50% greater population spends four times as much as we do. Qatar spends more then we do on military spending. This is because we expect Britain to come in and save us should we ever be invaded.


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