Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who would Jesus hang out with?

First off he obviously would not be hanging out with priests and politicians but with the same scrubbers he used to. Prostitutes and lepers were his main buddies. He was also a fan of tax collectors who were despised at the time as any society despises those they need but also hate, I figure road clampers would be the modern equivalent. It is kind of hard to imagine Jesus returned as a vigilante traffic warden though.

The other weird thing is how religious people would react. Dawkins pints out that a fundamentalist scientific atheist cannot exist because if confronted by evidence they have to change there beliefs. Fundamentalist religious people will disregard any evidence that contradicts their belief.

So imagine Jesus arrives back and starts doing all the party tricks that you do not see anymore. Back in the day 100 square kilometers of desert seemed to be wall to wall miracles nowadays you do not even get one amputee healed. Seems to be a similar problem with Bigfoot aliens and ghosts, they are scared of camera phones and that is why no one ever gets pictures of them.

Eventually Jesus either passes the Randi test or does something so miraculous that all the atheists except that he is God.

What do the religious people say?

First the Christians, If Jesus is quite happy with homosexuals and volunteers in an abortion clinic I would bet they will decide this is not really God in spite of any evidence.

How about the Muslims? First paparazzi shots of Jesus eating a pork chop and he will be denounced as a false god and fatwaed.

So Jesus comes back and starts hanging round with all the low life’s he used to. He would probably be better off hanging with atheists on the grounds they are unlikely to take umbrage at him not being holy in the exact way they expect him to be. First chance religious people get they will be down to the hardware store for some lumber and nails. So how about a t-shirt line for atheists who would be unwilling to nail deity's to trees?

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